6 Ways to Share Reviews of Your Wedding Business

It is crucial to share reviews of your wedding business! Couples rely on real experiences from past clients when hiring their wedding vendors. Don’t forget to ask your past couples for reviews, and then share them! Here are 6 ways you can share reviews of your wedding business.

1. Share reviews on your Instagram Story

Take a screenshot of the review and share it to your IG stories! Remember to tag the couple who left the review, so they can share it to their followers as well.

For a quick share, add the text of a review onto a solid background (preferably a company branded background) and share it to your Instagram story. Bonus tip: save all of the reviews you share this way onto a highlight on your Instagram profile, so potential clients can see them at any time!

1. Add them to your website!

If you don’t have a dedicated space for reviews on your website – you should! Adding testimonials to your website makes it easier for couples to read about the experience of working together. Sure, they can go look on Google or The Knot, too, but why not have everything on one place for them!

Take your online reviews and add them to your website so that prospective couples have a one stop shop for information and reviews to better understand what it would be like to work with your team on their wedding day.  

3. Share as a caption for a reel or post

All out of clever caption ideas? Give your brain a break and copy paste the review to use as a caption. You can add a nice note about working with the couple or share your favorite part of their wedding day. Don’t forget to tag the vendor team and the couple to reach more followers!

One of the easiest ways to use reviews in your marketing efforts is to copy the text from the review as a caption on an Instagram post. When sharing the review, use a professional photo from the couples wedding day, and tag the additional vendors in the photo to increase your reach. 

Instagram caption that shares review of a wedding planner

4. Use the review as text over a video

We all know video content has been all the rage lately. Copy and paste your couple’s review over a BTS clip from their wedding day! Bonus? You can reuse a BTS clip you’ve already put into another reel or TikTok, stretching your wedding day content even further! 

Turn your review into an Instagram Reel or a TikTok! Use the text from the review as the on-screen text in a short form video content. This is a great opportunity to repurpose behind the scenes video content from your clients wedding day, too!

5. Include it in a blog about the couple’s wedding

We’ll get into just how important it is to blog (yes, even in 2023 and 2024!) another day. For now, just remember you can include a couple’s review of your wedding business in a blog about their wedding day. We typically include the review at the end, leaving it as a direct quote. This is a super easy way to brag about your business, without actually bragging 😉

A screenshot of a blog on Bianca Nichole.com sharing a review from a past bride

6. Share your reviews in your client proposals

In your client proposals, add testimonials after the proposed package information as a way to further market your value and give the couple more reason to move forward with your company. It might just be the extra push to encourage them to book you!

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