3 Ways to Use Wedding Day iPhone Content 

As wedding vendors, we put so much time, energy and thought into the design and planning of a wedding day. It’s important to capture the day from our point of view. While professional photos and videos will always stand out from our iPhone behind the scenes photos and videos, having wedding day iPhone content is super valuable! Not only is it available immediately, but you can use wedding day content in so many ways!

You might be asking yourself, what do I do with behind the scenes content? The simple answer is that there are endless options. Here are three ways to use wedding day content: 

3 ways to use wedding day iPhone content for wedding vendors

Recap the Wedding Day on Instagram Stories

After the end of a long wedding day (or the day after so we can get some sleep 😉), vendors reflect on their hard work, possible challenges, and of course, the beautiful finished product. Having behind the scenes content readily available to share on your Instagram stories is a great place to start reflecting on a successful wedding day. When posting your iPhone behind the scenes, tag vendors and couples as this is an opportunity to interact with them again, and possibly get re-posted! Being re-posted is great for engagement and expanding your reach on social media. 

Stories: Bianca Nichole and Co

Short Form Video Content

One of our favorite ways to use behind the scenes wedding day content is for short form video content, like Instagram reels and tiktoks. According to Target Video, video content on Instagram generates 3x more engagement. On average, video content gets 40% more comments and likes than static images. Save these ideas for your future reels using that BTS content:

  • Highlight a color scheme or design style
  • Show off your different work at a venue
  • Recap a wedding day with BTS details
  • Offer ideas for tablescapes, seating charts, dance floors, or other design items
  • Show an inspiration vs. reality on a favorite design item
Screenshot of a reel offering recommended questions to as when you're looking for your wedding venue

Save it for a Rainy Day

And finally, save your behind the scenes content for a rainy day! Instagram stories are an important part of keeping your audience engaged, so it’s always a good idea to have photos and videos saved to use. Use BTS wedding day content as the background on polls or question boxes. You can also use BTS content just to say “Happy Friday!” to your followers. 

As wedding vendors, we know you want to relive the days that you put so much time and energy into, and have content from it as soon as you can. It can take a few weeks, if not months, to get professional photos and videos back from a wedding day. By taking the extra time to grab some behind the scenes photos and videos, you’ll be adding countless more opportunities to your social media marketing, and can start sharing right away!

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