I help wedding pros attract new couples through Instagram.

I’m Bianca, a full time business owner and Wedding Planner in Austin, TX. I’m also a wife, new mom, and serial achiever.

While building my business, I quickly realized how little information there was for marketing your wedding business and specifically how to use Instagram for your wedding business.

I have spent countless dollars and hours learning about Instagram and researching the best ways to attract couples. What I found was a lot of frustration and eye rolls because the 98% of the content didn't apply to me but instead was geared towards influencers.

So I’ve taken the countless dollars and hours spent and poured everything I know into education for YOU, through educational videos, free pdf guides and a self paced course.

I made $18,000 in sales from Instagram my first year in business.


There are hundreds of resources out there for Instagram, how to grow your following, stock photo memberships, etc. But how many of them are geared towards Wedding Professionals? Well I can count them all on one hand.

The wedding industry is unique in the sense we don't have repeat business. We are constantly having to find new couples, while at the same time serving our current couples well and it eventually becomes exhausting.

I know there had to be more, there had to be a better way..and thats when The Wed Strategy was created.

Do hashtags have you feeling overwhelmed? This list of wedding specific hashtags have been researched and are ready for you to use on any type of wedding related post!


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Hashtags to use specifically for your wedding business posts such as: general wedding posts, stationery, same sex weddings and more!