Why is social media marketing important for wedding vendors?

3 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Wedding Pros

Social media marketing for wedding vendors can be a new territory, but it’s crucial for the success of your business in 2023. Like most wedding professionals, you likely got started in the industry because you love your craft – whether it’s floral, photography, or hair and makeup artistry – the list goes on. But today, you may be feeling the need to be a social media marketing expert to grow your business. So, why is social media marketing for wedding vendors so crucial anyway? 

Social media is a search engine 

When a couple begins their wedding planning journey, they typically rely on three sources. Friends and family referrals, internet search engines like Google, and social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. Each source is a search engine in one way or another. In fact, last year the New York Times reported that TikTok is the search engine of choice for young people. While each source offers different information, it’s crucial to be searchable, and findable, through each. 

Prospective couples find wedding vendors on social media

Couples are relying more and more on social media as their search engine of choice. Rival Mind found that 90% of brides are using Instagram for wedding inspiration and to find local vendors. Bianca Nichole and Co, a wedding planning team based in Austin, TX, reported social media, and specifically Instagram, as their second largest referral source for prospective couples, only behind vendor referrals. While we have less control over word of mouth referrals, we have a lot of control over our SEO online and through social media! This makes the use of social media as a tool all that more important. (P.S. We can help make your wedding business is referral worthy, which increases your chance of word of mouth referrals too!)

Social media expands your business reach

Social media is a free tool that can expand your business reach to interact with thousands, sometimes millions, of potential clients. Without social media marketing, you probably wouldn’t ever reach this audience! Building a successful social media profile for your wedding business will expand brand recognition and create brand loyalty. And best of all, it’s free promotion of your services and assets! 

At The Wed Strategy, we recommend Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok for wedding professionals in order to expand your business reach, promote your services and work, and book your ideal client more often. If social media marketing is something you’ve been wanting to dive into more as a wedding professional, let’s work together! 

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